·        We are dedicated to delivering a lasting impression and impact on one of the single biggest nights of your life.We pride ourselves with giving you one on one time with our staff to create a seamless timeline that not only compliments your personality as a couple but works well with your venue. Most of our clients discover us from events they have personally attended or by word-of-mouth. This is the best type of marketing our company can benefit from!

From the moment you contact us, our job is to work with you to create an experience that will leave lasting memories and stories for years to come. We are proud that our DJs are true to the art form of Djing, anyone can be a jukebox, but it takes years of loving music to know when to mix out of one song and mix into the next. It’s about creating a seamless soundtrack for your wedding and never losing site of our clients’ vision. We take pride in our work by creating one of the most memorable moments in your life and making it a lasting and unforgettable experience not just for you but for your guests as well.

Uplighting - Uplighting can be used to wash the entire room with a color or even accent a particular feature of the space. This specific lighting allows us to set the specific mood you desire for your special day whether it’s relaxed and laid back or more energetic and playful. With our LED uplights we are able to color match any color you can imagine. We can enhance the colors of your wedding by matching the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, centerpieces, or any color that compliments the wedding theme.  Some of the best features of the LED lights we use without getting too technical is that the fixtures are actually battery operated, controlled wireless through our computer and will never get hot to touch. We are also able to control the lights during the event; so maybe during dinner you want a more relaxed color and then during open dancing the lights can change to another solid color or we can continue to have them change to follow the music throughout the night. The options are endless; let us help you to create the incredible fairy tale wedding you have been dreaming about your whole life!

Spotlighting - Let us enhance your special moments of your wedding reception with spotlighting. The light fixtures on top of the totems or hanging from the trusses are all computer controlled and are used to spotlight and draw attention to the key moments throughout the wedding. We use the spotlights during the grand entrance when you walk into the reception for the first time as a married couple! We can even use them to acknowledge the grandparents at their table so they are included in your grand introduction. We will use them during the first dance and any other special dances. We have been told by many photographers that they love being able to use our spotlights to capture beautiful pictures during the wedding. These lights truly create a stunning and elegant atmosphere during the special moments and then transform into your dancing lights once open dancing starts.

Monograms -Let us transform your wedding venue with stunning LED monograms. Monograms are truly beautiful, we can project them onto literally any surface as they become an incredible focal point for your event. When you and your guests walk into the venue and are welcomed by your customized monogram making it truly makes it a unique feature.

Dancing On A CloudFloor hugging clouds will fill the ENTIRE dance floor creating a real wow factor for your guests while you are dancing away to your chosen song. Your photographs AND video of your stunning first dance will a HUGE talking point for many happy years to come. The whole “Dancing On A Cloud” effect will last for your ENTIRE first dance, the “WOW” factor will last the entire evening, but the memories? The memories will last a LIFETIME.

(Some cheaper operators may offer this service, however there is a strong likelihood that they are using a modified smoke machine which uses standard ice to cool the fog to make it heavy. This is NOT dry ice and the effect will not be the same and there will be a high possibility of fire alarm issues using this method.)

Dancing Under The Stars - What is more romantic than dancing under the stars with the person you love? Nothing! We create the moment for you by adding a star filled sky to wedding reception. Using the latest in LED technology and bringing them together to create this amazing effect like none other. Imagine having your venue ceiling lit up with deep blue swirling clouds and slow moving stars. Dancing under the stars is one of our many array of effects designed to make your wedding look absolutely stunning, and looks even more spectacular when accompanied with mood lighting around the room or our dancing on a cloud option. The dancing under the stars effect is an additional option with ANY of our wedding entertainment packages available on its own or with any of our other additional options as well.

Sweetheart Table UplightingOur optional sweetheart table uplighting turns your table into a cozy, warm glowing stage for ANY couple looking to make your table come to life! This options ties into your seating area into any venue and adds great decor and elegance to any arrangement custom programmed to match any wedding color  

Pipe & Draping/Back Drops - Pipe and drape has the ability to make your space feel intimate and warm while a fabulous lighting package can set the tone for your entire event. We can transform your event space with pipe and drape to create a more intimate and elegant space.  Additionally, uplighting is available to give a pop of color to tie the decor together in a unified way. We offer a variety of sizes and fabric choices.  We can also provide custom fabrics in various sizes and colors to match your unique venue.  All of our drapes are inherently fire retardant and a fire certificate can be provided. We have a wide range of adjustable hardware available for rent to meet the needs of our production clients.