Proms & HoCo's


·        Our 4School Dances Only Division of Divine Sound & Lighting does one thing and one thing well: ROCK SCHOOL DANCES!

·        Best of all, we use custom edited- music to ensure a fine balance between what students want and what is expected at a school function

·        Of course, having a great dance is only half the battle- we’ll help promote the dance throughout the year to make sure interest stays piqued for this, and future dances!

·        A dance is more than just a special memory or an extra curricular activity… it’s a full-blown business.

·        As schools compete with each other to see who can put on the better dance, each committee must work hard to make sure that they get as many tickets sold as possible.

·        We can help with that– but we also want to help in making that experience happen, too!

·        With crystal-clear audio, the very best in light shows in the state (yes, everyone says this, but we can prove it), giant theatre-sized screens, and all sorts of other goodies– we create an experience like no other can!

·        With the growing popularity of DJs in pop-culture, having a rig to bring a visual appeal to the music is paramount!

·        4SDO recognizes that and makes sure that, big or small, our lighting will make your theme, and music selections, come alive!

·        Call us and see why 4SchoolsOnly is the proven leader in school dance lighting!

·        Our light rigs are controlled LIVE by our talented designers on a sophisticated control system. Each song and even will have its own unique light show!

·        Aside from color washes and scanners / moving heads, we can also bring in wall projections, black lights, glow-in-the-dark bubbles, LASERS, uplights and string lighting!

·        We service Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Schools. We specialize in Proms, Homecomings, Winter Formals and other Teen Events.

·        Our vision entails more than just putting on another school dance; we create an unbelievably high energy experience for every student, sponsor, and school!

·        What makes us different is the experience; we do more than just show up and play the same songs as the other guys.

·        Our DJs spend countless hours perfecting their craft, finding the hottest music that has been edited “Strictly4Schools” and mixing a seamless masterpiece for your school dance!

·        Our lighting will blow you away, from large lighting setup over the dance floor to jaw dropping special effects!

·        We do more than setup a simple tripod with random blinking lights. Our sound is something we pride ourselves on; we use REAL CONCERT SOUND.

·        We setup enough sound so that the entire crowd is truly party rocking – not just the students near the front!

·        Overkill? Maybe so, but it’s your school dance and we want it to be one for the record books!

·        When was the last time you saw people not only show up on time for your school dance, but actually stay until the last song?

·        With our promotion and one on one time with the students and sponsors, we give you a school dance unlike none other.  

·        We don’t cut corners and pride ourselves on quality over quantity, this is one reason our homecoming and prom tours sell out of open spots every year.

·        While focusing on 2-3 dances a weekend we are able to bring a consistent level of entertainment at each of our schools instead of some schools getting the best and others getting left with whatever left in the warehouse.

·        Our equipment inventory may grow, but we never lose focus on our goal and that is to take school dances and put every ounce of creativity and passion into them.


Custom setups - Each of our designs feature an unforgettable club like atmosphere created by our professional lighting designers, concert quality sound systems, and real club DJs. All setups can be customized to work around the color and theme of your dance. The options are endless and we are continuously creating new and unique setups every year. Our school division will work one and one with the students and sponsors to create the perfect setup for your dance. We have created some amazing school setups throughout the years and we want your school to get excited about dances again. We have several popular setups for schools right now, but again the options are endless. We want to work directly with you to design the perfect setup for your school.