·        With any corporate event, we know the services we provide are a direct reflection onto our clients and their business.

·        We want to ensure that the presentation of our product exceeds your expectations.

·        Reliability of our equipment is critical, nothing is more embarrassing then the CEO giving a speech and their microphone begins to cut in and out.

·        What about that awkward moment when they have to pause and look at the people in charge waiting for a slideshow to appear?

·        These are the moments we cringe about, its what drives us to work out the smallest details to ensure we are prepared for your event.

·        Our sound systems can be arranged in several different configurations to cover your needs.

·        From applications that need to cover a large conference hall or a small compact setup for meeting room presentations.

·        We have a solution for your needs big, small or in the middle.

·        Whether you need to present slideshows, video presentations, live video feeds or all of the above we are able to accommodate your every need.

·        Lighting can be use to animate your room, spotlight presenters, reveal new products or to create an atmosphere in the room.

·        We can reinforce your companies brand and slogan with light onto the walls, entryways and more.

·        Every client is unique and different, whether you need a red carpet with a background featuring multiple sponsor logos or a more formal sit down conference.

·        We are able to accommodate your needs and look forward to working with you, sharing ideas and creating an event that does nothing but show respect for your company.


·        Wireless Microphones & Lapels

·        Sound for Conference Halls to Meeting Rooms

·        Public or Private Live Web Streaming

·        Media Presentations

·        Video Screens and TVs

·        Multiple Staging Configurations

·        Lighting tailored for your needs